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Discord Community Updates

Over the past few days, the Discord server has been receiving a revamp in order to make it more user-friendly.
Users can now react to a message and receive notifications for that server's updates directly in our discord. Furthermore, events are now pinged in a separate channel.

  • Most Dyno functionality disabled - Now functions as logging bot
  • Rythm 2 bot removed
  • AltDentifier removed
  • Levelling Roles created - See below
  • Bots' nicknames changed to show command prefixes for ease of use
  • Moderation switched from Dyno to YAGPDB
  • Members who are muted will now also be muted in voice channels
  • Fixed permissions so that muted members are muted in all text channels
  • #hello-goodbye channel added to welcome new members and say goodbye to old ones
  • #reaction-roles channel added to allow members to receive notification roles - See below
  • Added announcements category with channels for each server announcements, community-wie announcements and event announcements - See below
  • Reordered channels to be in alphabetical order or hierarchical order in channel categories
  • #anime channel removed - Please use #memes or #general depending on the topic of discussion in #general
  • Debate voice channel removed
  • Karaoke voice channel removed
  • Teaching Room removed
  • Arts and Education channel category removed
  • Music Rooms relocated to "Voice Channels" category
  • #ban-requests channel locked - See below
Level System:
Mee6 has been configured with some nice new level roles that are unlocked at certain experience thresholds. The following table shows the role and the level required.
Role Name​
Level Required​
Bronze I​
Bronze II​
Bronze III​
Silver I​
Silver II​
Silver III​
Gold I​
Gold II​
Gold III​
Diamond I​
Diamond II​
Diamond III​

Please be aware that, in order to give everyone a level playing field when levelling up, the Mee6 experience system has been reset. This was not a decision taken lightly, as some users were up to level 50 or more. However, in order to ensure a level playing field for new users and old users alike, the decision was taken to reset the Mee6 experience database. The Tatsumaki database (t!rank) has NOT been reset, and can still be accessed to show your experience and time spent chatting on the server.

Announcement Roles:
One of the things we had noticed was the fact that users were being pinged for events and announcements that they may not be interested in. The new reaction role system has been made such that you can opt in for pings and events that you are interested in, and not get pinged for notifications that you are not inerested in. In order to receive these reaction rolse, a new channel under "Community" has been created, called "#reaction-roles". In this channel, you can react to the messages from YAGPDB with the specified emoji for your desired subscription. These are entirely voluntary, and you will have 4 weeks to subscribe before we stop using @everyone and instead ping only the subscription roles.

Ban Requests channel and the Forums:
We have taken the decision to lock the #ban_requests channel. This is to ensure a centralised process for reports and appeals. Links to the methods of reporting are available in the last message to have been set in #ban_requests. Please always ensure that you have the proper evidence and information required by the administration team to allow for a quick response.
All reports and appeals are confidential, meaning that only you and staff members can read them. This was also a contributing factor for the closure of #ban_requests, as it ensures that users are not afraid to report someone because they are worried about the reaction from other users.
To report a user for breaking the rules, please use this section - https://forums.omni-games.net/forums/player-reports.126/
To report a staff member for breaking the rules or for staff abuse, please use this section - https://forums.omni-games.net/forums/staff-reports.127/
To appeal a punishment, please use this section - https://forums.omni-games.net/forums/punishment-appeals.128/
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