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SCPRP Forums Forums and SCPRP Pre-Release Opening!

Welcome to the new Omni-Games forums!

Why the change?
The Tapatalk system was very limited in it's ability to sync with our other platforms. So to fix that we have moved to these forums which offer Steam integration, Discord integration, fancy application forms, and much more! Here we can host exclusive forums events and reward users with coins that can purchase items from the forums shop. Additionally we offer support tickets for issues involving the forums.

Another major influence is the enhanced security system which these forums provide! Optional two-factor authentication and monthly security sweeps to ensure accounts are not compromised in any way.

Pre-Release Content for Donators:
The Pre-Release SCPRP server is now open to donator applicants! Stats on this server will not be transferred from one server to the other for security purposes. This will permit our user base to give us vital feedback on updates prior to their official release. To be eligible for whitelisting on the Pre-Release SCPRP server donators will be required to fill out an application form which can be found here: https://forums.omni-games.net/form/beta-tester-application.12/select

Upon being approved you will be notified on your thread. After which you may join the Pre-Release SCPRP server.


I've added a ulx rank which allows beta testers to give themselves money, scpoints, and donator level. This rank also provides limited staff ability. Note that the rank must be manually given for now.