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SCPRP Map Update - Site 19 Omni

At long last we are returning back to Site 19 after attempts to try out other maps. In light of how much the user base likes Site 19 we have decided to customize it to eliminate some of the problems users were experiencing with the map.

Twos issues that were noted in Site 19 is how SCPs would camp the no SCP line in Light Containment, making it impossible for researchers to roleplay, and how Security was not able to easily access a buy zone without having to go through said camping SCPs. To remedy this a shortcut and buy zone has been added to SCP 173's containment area:

This shortcut has a hand scanner which can only be accessed by Foundation personnel. Researchers will be able to quickly get Class D to Heavy Containment, Security and MTF will be access a buy zone near spawn, and unwanted jobs will not be able to easily enter into D Block.

For the sake of allowing Researchers the ability to easily move Class D to SCP 682 another shortcut has been added in Heavy Containment here:

Another two problems that users were experiencing is limited accessibility to SCP 035 and SCP 457 as well as not being able to escape SCPs in Heavy Containment. In light of this we have removed the coffin containment room and replaced it with a hallway to give another route for Class D's, Chaos Insurgency, and Researchers to utilize:

SCP 106 has been moved to this new hallway to permit more traffic in that area for those who escape the Pocket Dimension. Also this makes it harder for Chaos Insurgency to breach SCP 106. Note SCP 098 and SCP 079 have been moved away from this area as well.

To tackle the issue of Class D or Dr Maynard having to run the entirety of Heavy Containment from the Electrical Room just to open Gate A and Gate B SCP 079 has been moved next the the Entrance Zone where SCP 106 used to be to make the task less tedious.

Meanwhile, SCP 098 has been moved to Light Containment, as it is a Safe SCP, next to SCP 053 and SCP 343. It's containment cell is now lore accurate.

Speaking of SCP containment cell updates, SCP 066's containment has been modified so that it can no longer kill the Site Director in his office through the wall.

SCP 106 now has a container which allows Researchers to test with it without risking a breach.

Lastly, Researchers will now be able to spectate Class D that go into the forest by pushing a button on the panel in the window. Once a Class D has entered a red light will appear.

The map is expected to be released Sunday, February 9th to make sure we have everything configured correct prior to release. An announcement will be made when the map is ready to play.