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SCPRP SCPRP v1.9.8 and Site 19 Omni Updates


Change Log:

SCPRP v1.9.8 - Site 19
  • Added: Administration SCPerk Secure Procedure - All administration personnel spawn with a health kit.
  • Added: Administration SCPerk Contain Procedure - All administration personnel spawn with an additional elastic restraint.
  • Added: Administration SCPerk Protect Procedure - All administration personnel spawn with 5-50 additional armor.
  • Nerfed: Dr. Brights max stamina.
  • Nerfed: Dr. Brights stamina regeneration.
  • Nerfed: Dr. Brights max jump height.
  • Nerfed: Dr. Brights run speed.
  • Removed: Dr. Bright SCPerk - Chimp Athletics
  • Removed: Dr. Bright SCPerk - No Monkey Business
  • Added: Dr. Bright passively respawns as a random player model.
  • Buffed: Dr. Bright has buyzone access to shotguns and SMGs.
  • Added: Dr. Bright SCPerk Critical Aim - Your past lives improve your critical hit chance by 3-30%.
  • Added: Dr. Bright SCPerk Determination - Fearing yet another death improves your movement speed by 3-30.
  • Added: Dr. Bright SCPerk Lucky Find - Whoever picked up SCP 963 last was holding a Double Barrel Shotgun.
  • Added: Dr. Bright SCPerk Reincarnate - Your past lives improve your ability to evade attacks by 2-20%.
  • Added: Intercom to the Site Director
  • Removed: Site Director SCPerk - Intercom
  • Updated: The intercom has been refined for every Foundation team except Medical and Administration.
  • Updated: The intercom now shows which jobs are targets of instructions.
  • Updated: The intercom now updates the objectives of all instructed personnel.
  • Added: Site Director SCPerk Escape Artist - Many years of survival at the Foundation boosts your movement speed by 3-30.
  • Added: Site Director SCPerk Inspire - Announcements over the intercom increases the armor of all commanded units by 2-20.
  • Added: Site Director SCPerk Second Wind - Announcements over the intercom regenerate the health of all commanded units by 1-10.
  • Added: Site Director SCPerk Self Motivator - Your leadership skills manifest within giving you an additional 2-20 health.
  • Nerfed: Benjamin Walker no longer gives a capture reward.
  • Updated: SCPChat command system
  • Updated: The /me command now says "Action: " in front of it.
  • Fixed: SCPMs not sending to users.
  • Added: Chat Command: Radio
  • Added: Radio SWEP to many jobs that permits communication to a selected department.
  • Removed: Deaths from the scoreboard.
  • Added: Damage Penalty for each player to the scoreboard.
  • Fixed: Poison damage hurting jobs and staff in god mode.
  • Fixed: Poison damage setting the max health of jobs to 100.
  • Updated: All the document icons are now clipboards.
  • Updated: All the SCPerk icons.
  • Fixed: Item respawn system.
  • Updated: Servers on context menu.
Site 19 Omni v2

This update focuses on fixing any map issue and improving event rooms.
  • Fixed inverted SCP 098 sign.
  • Fixed SCP 106 fence gate from glitching.
  • Alpha/Omega Warhead Lever is now usable. SCP 079 will be updated in an upcoming SCP update.
  • Extended trigger zone on one of shortcuts so hand scanner can't be used while outside of it. When you leave these it closes the door automatically.
  • Added small empty room for event that requires small space
  • Added three new interactive events rooms.
  • Added 6 hints in this map which those with mounted Half Life 2 files will be able to see.
Site 19 Omni v2 Hints:
  • When you are near SCP 173 CC Control "This button on the right unlocks when there is three tests subject near the gate. Green light appears when it's unlocked. (May be broken!)"
  • When you enter SCP 173 Containment chamber "%+USE% on SCP 173's mess on the floor to clean it up."
  • When you are near SCP 860 CC Control Room "This button views test subject's perspective as they explore SCP 860 (Green light appears when it's available)"
  • When you are near SCP 106 CC Control "Recontainment Requirements: Electromagnet OFF, Sound Transmission ON and Lure subjects laying on Femur breaker bed"
  • When you are near Femur breaker bed "%+USE% on Femur Breaker bed to lay down"
  • When you attempt to open Gate A/B while it's locked "Gate is locked either because remote door control is disabled or SCP 079 locked it (in that case turn off Remote door control in Electrical center and talk to him)"
Special Thanks:
  • Drunken Wombat: Site 19 Omni v2 map updates
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I do want to emphasize that SCPRP 2.0.0 won't be released until each SCP is updated. Think of the update numbers as if they were minecraft updates. The next update is 1.10.1.